Are you looking for an employer in the West Palatinate? Then find out here about the various companies in various industries.

Traditionally, the West Palatinate is rooted in industrial production. Mechanical and apparatus engineering, automotive suppliers, shoe and leather goods, chemicals, plastics and, last but not least, building materials still characterize the region’s economic structure, which is strongly supported by medium-sized companies.

The economy of the West Palatinate, based on its industrial roots, has developed in recent decades into a strongly export-oriented, medium-sized research and development location with innovative production and specialization in the IT sector.

In addition, many West Palatinate residents work in the service sector and thus, together with the producing and researching industries, keep our economy running and promote the region. In the health care sector, for example, there are large employers in the region.

Automotive, Automation & E-Technologie

Automotive, Automation & E-Technology

Hardly any other industry has been so much in motion recently as the automotive industry. Changing user behavior, the trend toward electrification and increasing digitalization of production processes have initiated a profound upheaval.

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IT-Systems, Software & Artificial Intelligence

IT-Systems, Software & Artificial Intelligence

The traditionally industrialized region has developed into an important high-tech location over the past decades and offers ideal conditions for further growth. A dynamic IT cluster of international importance has developed around universities and research institutes.

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Metalworking, Mechanical & Elektrical Engineering

Metalworking, Mechanical & Elektrical Engineering

Countless small and medium-sized companies from the metal, mechanical and electrical engineering sectors together form a strong network whose competencies complement each other in a meaningful way. Outstanding research skills and training capacities form the basis for the constant renewal of the leading industries rich in tradition.

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Kunststoff & Chemie

Plastics & Chemistry

The plastics and chemical industry benefits above all research in the region. Scientists are constantly working to develop new plastics for production but also new drugs. Research institutes as well as research facilities and laboratories at universities deal with this subject area.

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Logistik & Transportwesen

Logistics & Transport

Whether in production plants, distribution centers or in retail - logistics with its value-added chains and a broad transport network connects large parts of our entire economy. The advent of digitalization in, for example, the transport sector and online trade have brought about a modernization and optimization of processes.

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Health Care

The health care system is an ever-growing industry and has already established itself strongly in the West Palatinate. One of the largest employers in the region can be found in this sector. The variety of professional perspectives range from purely personal care to health care and organizational and management tasks.

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Öffentlicher Dienst

Public administration

The opportunities for a job in the public sector are also excellent in the West Palatinate. Besides the public administrations of the districts and cities, the numerous educational institutions in the region also offer promising jobs.

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weitere Dienstleistungen

other services

In addition to the industries already mentioned, there are of course many other opportunities to work in the service sector in the Western Palatinate. From original services to personal and factual services to product-related services such as trade, there is something for everyone.

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